Regarding My X Suspension

About a week ago, I posted on X about my experience with domestic violence at the hands of a now-trans-identified-man. I rounded off the post by saying that I hope he dies in a fire. Now, I stand by what I said, and I think it’s more than fair – dying in a fire would be far too quick and painless for that abusive, cruel and murderous MAN.

Here is the original post:

“It pisses me off that the MAN who abused me for 2 years when I was 18-20
The MAN that overpowered me with his much bigger body
The MAN that wrapped his hands around my throat and strangled me to near unconsciousness dozens and dozens of times
Came out as a “woman” and got told how wonderful and brave he is.
I hope he dies in a fire.”

Anyway, yesterday, at about 3am, I was locked out of my account. I was given the option of appealing or removing the post. Given the nature of the post, I was very reluctant to take it down. Having witnessed phrases calling for the genocide of Jewish people trending in the last few weeks, it felt completely unfair and excessive to force a domestic abuse victim to remove her post talking about her abuse, even if I did state that I hope my abuser dies in a fire.

I decided to appeal, not knowing how long it would take. However, within the hour, I had received a reply, doubling down on their decision:

I logged into my account again, and was once again presented with the option of removing the post, or appealing. I decided to appeal again, hoping to hear back just as quickly. However, I haven’t heard back this time. I wanted to try to wait it out – I didn’t want the first strike on my account to be something like this. Plus, it felt like an insult to be forced to take down my post speaking about domestic abuse.

So I decided to remove the post. I hope that Elon and the team at X are proud of themselves for successfully silencing a domestic abuse victim.

I would like to reiterate right here on my website, where it cannot be taken down: I hope he dies in a fire.

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