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Five Steps To Increase Trans Acceptance

So-called ‘transphobia’ is on the rise. Some people in the transgender community believe that people dislike trans people simply because they are ‘different’ or that people just think they’re ‘gross’ and want to take away their rights. Whilst I’m sure that this is true for some people, the majority of gender critical people have other concerns. I am genuinely convinced that if the following 5 boundaries were implemented and followed by the trans community, the amount of ‘transphobes’ would be more than halved.

Leave The Kids Alone

This one comes first, because it is the most important. It is also the biggest problem most ‘transphobes’ have with trans people. We know that you think that being transgender is innate. But the amount of detransitioners suggests to us that it is not. The fact that elderly people with Alzheimers can ‘forget’ their transgender identity also suggests that it is not. Children and teenagers, if left alone, often grow out of their dysphoria. Autistic children, if exposed to gender ideology ideas, may convince themselves they are trans when they are not (which is what happened to me).

With that said, transgender acceptance would benefit greatly if people stopped transitioning children. No teaching about transgender identities in school. No puberty blockers, hormones or surgeries until a teenager is at the bare minimum 18 years old (a lot of us would prefer 25, and some would ban these things altogether, but 18 is a level that most people would be happy with). If kids were encouraged to try to accept and be happy with their bodies until they reach adulthood (when they can make their own decisions without parental consent), so-called ‘transphobia’ would decrease enormously. Taking steps towards allowing children to transition without parental consent (and even without parental awareness) is the fastest way to create a transphobe out of pretty much every parent and grandparent.

Respect Individual’s Sexuality

We truly started to reach a point in society where it was accepted that a person’s sexuality is set, that people are attracted to whom they are attracted to, and it wasn’t possible to ‘convert’ a gay person into being attracted to the opposite sex. However, the trans community have suddenly started to push back on this idea, almost demanding that lesbians (and straight men) see ‘trans women’ as real women – even with intact penises. However, there is a reason that it is called SEXuality and not GENDERuality. People are not attracted to gender identities, they are attracted to biological sex.

If a self-identified lesbian finds herself attracted to you as a trans woman, then that is great. However, if someone isn’t attracted to you, or chooses not to date trans people in general, you need to respect that as their personal choice. Gaslighting lesbians into trying to force themselves to get over their ‘penis aversions’ and making them feel like a transphobic, bigoted sack of shit if they don’t is not the way. It’s sexual harassment. If a lesbian sees you as a man, that might hurt you inside, but it isn’t okay to try to change their mind. When you choose to transition, you are choosing to significantly reduce your dating pool. That’s just a fact. Respecting people’s sexualities – be that homosexual or homosexual – is another important way to easily increase trans acceptance. This includes allowing lesbians to have female-only apps, dating events and meet ups without resorting to lawsuits to force them to include you.

Respect Single-Sex Spaces

You’ve probably noticed that women in particular are getting pretty pissed off at trans-identified men coming into same-sex spaces where women are vulnerable, such as public toilets. Trying to force women to be happy with this is never going to achieve the acceptance you want – in fact, it is achieving exactly the opposite. The majority of women (if not all women) have had some form of negative experience with a male that has left her wary of them. Trying to force women to accept males in their vulnerable spaces is not going to work, simply because attempting to force anybody to do anything feels like an assault. A male who is making us feel assaulted is never going to be given a warm welcome.

Trans acceptance would increase if trans people were willing to respect single-sex spaces. Because they are just that – single-sex. Not single-gender. Use the bathrooms for your birth sex, accessible toilets or gender-neutral facilities, if available. Your desire to feel ‘affirmed’ is not more important than women’s need to feel safe. If you claim to feel unsafe as a trans woman in the men’s bathroom, then you now understand how women feel having men access the women’s bathroom. But women didn’t choose to transition and invade spaces that don’t belong to them – you did. Where you pee becomes your problem to solve, not women’s.

Respect Single-Sex Sports

A lot of people are getting increasingly pissed off at males ‘transitioning’ to female and then dominating women’s sports. Males have an unfair advantage from a very young age – even if you look at medical growth charts for children, boys are bigger on average, even before puberty. Sports are separated by sex for very good reasons – and not just because of men’s advantage. Sometimes women just want to compete with other women. They don’t want to be around males, and want a female-only space – and you can’t force every woman to think of you are female, as much as you want to. Again, that pesky word – ‘force’.

Preferred Pronouns Are A Courtesy, Not A Demand

Pronouns is a thing that causes a lot of tensions between trans people and non-trans people. There have been many incidents of trans people getting angry, and sometimes even aggressive or violent, because someone has ‘misgendered’ them, either on purpose or by accident. If someone calls you ‘sir’ when you’re out instead of ‘ma’am’, that’s because they see you as a man. We know this hurts you, but most of the time, it isn’t on purpose. But even if it is on purpose, you cannot compel people’s speech.

If someone sees you as a man, then he/him pronouns will naturally come out of their mouth when they speak about you. People may not be comfortable using she/her pronouns for someone who is obviously male. It doesn’t come naturally, and it feels wrong to a lot of people. Trying to force people to refer to you in a certain way is compelled speech. There’s that word again – ‘force’. Basically, if you’re trying to force anyone to do something that they don’t want to, they’re going to get pissed off at you.

Transgender people will never be 100% accepted as their gender identity by 100% of the population. There will always be some people who just simply hate all trans people. But I strongly believe that the majority of people who you’d deem ‘transphobic’ would be a lot more accepting of trans people if they respected these 5 reasonable boundaries.

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