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A Deep Dive Into The ‘Dysphoria Bible’

1. Introduction

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The Dysphoria Bible doesn’t waste any time – it jumps straight in with the claim that trans people have been around for ‘as long as human civilisation has existed.’

The proof of this being the ‘third gender’ recognised by North American Indigenous cultures and The Gala, a middle gender priest class of the Sumerian empire. As far as I’m aware, those people didn’t chop their dicks off or suicide themselves because they couldn’t be the opposite sex, but I suppose anything can be evidence if you want to believe it.

It goes on to state that ‘being transgender can mean that a person born with a penis is actually a girl, that a person born with a vulva is actually a boy.’ This doesn’t seem to quite align with current science by any stretch, but I suppose it would be seen as ‘affirming’ to someone desperate to be affirmed.

Gender dysphoria is described as ‘experience of discontinuity between the societal presumed gender and the internal sense of self’. The Bible claims that ‘if you experience gender identity in a way that does not match what was assigned to you at birth, your claim to the transgender identity is valid, no matter how that incongruence manifests for you.’ So basically, if you’ve ever ‘felt like’ the opposite sex, then you’re free to claim you are trans. An unhinged start.

2. What Is Gender?

If traced to its latin roots, apparently gender simply means ‘type’.

Sex is defined as separate from gender – Margaret Mead is said to have written in her book ‘Male and Female’ that ‘sex’ is biological sex, and ‘gender’ is gendered behaviour and roles.

The Bible goes on to break down ‘sex’ into three categories: Genotype (if someone has XX or XY chromosomes), Phenotype (observable primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as genitals and bone structure) and – wait for it – ‘gender’. So apparently gender is a category of ‘sex’. It is described as the UNobservable (how convenient) sexual characteristics (??), the internal mental model of a person’s own sex (??) and the way they express it. This doesn’t sound very scientific to me, but I suppose if you were a gender confused teenager who doesn’t really understand biology, you might believe it.

It goes on to tell you that, whilst you may have learned in elementary school that genotype is binary, there’s actually a dozen other permutations that can occur in human beings. It uses this nice little graph to weaponise intersex people to further their own agenda. So, sex isn’t binary, it’s a 🌈spectrum🌈.

Gender is very scientifically described as ‘some people are very male, some people are very female. Some people feel no gender at all, some people feel both. Some are smack in the middle, some land along the edges. Some people oscillate all over the spectrum in unpredictable ways, changing like the wind. Only an individual can identify their own gender; no one else can dictate it for them.’ It claims that evidence suggests that ‘gender’ is formed during gestation, during the formation of the cerebral cortex. So essentially, the bible is claiming that fetuses can be transgender. It also claims that ‘gender also affects the expectations that the brain has for the environment it resides in (your body), and when that environment does not meet those expectations, the brain sends up warning alarms in the form of depression, depersonalization, derealization, and dissociation,’ which I’m reading as ‘you might be depressed because your brain expects to be in an opposite-sex body, but isn’t, so is getting confused.’ It states that depression is a symptom of gender dysphoria.

It briefly covers John Money’s experiment which attempted to prove that gender was merely a social construct, and referred to it as a ‘massive failure’ because the boy he attempted to raise as a girl, knew that there was something wrong. This apparently ‘proves’ that gender is innate and cannot be influenced by the environment.

3. Brief History of Gender Dysphoria


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