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Gift Ideas For The Stunning and Brave Transwoman In Your Life

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve seen more and more posts online asking for ideas for gifts for their trans-identified loved ones. I’ve put together this little guide, to make sure you get the transwoman in your life something truly special!

BALLS Electric Ball Shaver

Those STUNNING and BRAVE female testicles aren’t gonna keep themselves hairless! Help your loved one feel more feminine with this electric ball shaver, designed for FEMALE TESTICLES. This can help combat gender dysphoria caused by hairy nuts. Smooth balls are happy balls!

Bulk Box of Kleenex Man Size

Now that your trans-identified loved one is living life as their AUTHENTIC WOMANLY SELF, she will find that she experiences many more EUPHORIA BONERS. And of course, euphoria boners tend to result in a lot of mess. These MAN SIZE tissues are just perfect for cleaning up! You may also find that your trans-identified loved one cries a lot more now (whenever they get misgendered, for instance, which will be constantly) so that makes this gift twice as useful!

Pink Willy Warmer

One of the side effects of being on oestrogen is decreased body temperature. Your trans-identified loved one’s STUNNING FEMALE PENIS isn’t going to keep itself warm this winter! Treat your loved one to a willy warmer – preferably in pink, for additional AFFIRMATION! If you’re good with your hands, you could even crochet one yourself for that additional home-made touch.

Pink Clothes Iron

Now that your loved one identifies as a woman, they are going to want to be engaging in WOMANLY activities in order to experience GENDER EUPHORIA. I can only imagine that this means they want to take on all of the WOMANLY housework duties, such as cleaning, laundry and ironing. Again, I recommend you buy this in STUNNING PINK, for that extra boost of affirmation. This one might even give your loved one a EUPHORIA BONER! (best grab the tissues!)

Adult Pacifiers

Finally, an adult-sized pacifier from any good ABDL store near you makes a perfect gift for your trans-identified loved one. It is ideal for calming down the huge tantrums your transwoman will go through whilst experiencing their STUNNING ADULT FEMALE PUBERTY. These pacifiers can be used to help defuse tantrums caused by misgendering, people laughing at her, people refusing to play sports with her and other such hate crimes that transwomen unfortunately face every day. Make sure to buy a few of these, so there’s always one to hand whenever your transwoman is genocided in day-to-day life.

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