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QUIZ: Are You A Transphobe?

Are You A Transphobe? quiz

Welcome! Are you confused about whether or not you’d be considered transphobic? Take this quick quiz and find out!

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Do you believe trans women are real women?

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What if that trans woman still has a penis? Is she a real woman?

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Do you think trans women who still have penises should be allowed to use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms?

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Would you be happy if a trans woman (who still has a penis) was getting changed next to your young daughter in a swimming pool changing room?

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Are you attracted to trans people? Would you be in a relationship with a trans person?

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Should girls who identify as trans EVER be allowed to have their breasts removed when they’re younger than 18 years old?

7 / 10

Can MEN ever get pregnant?

8 / 10

Should gender confused children be given puberty blockers if they want them?

9 / 10

Should bepenised trans women be housed in women’s prisons?

10 / 10

Can men have periods?

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