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The 10 Stages of “Trans Genocide”

The 10 Stages of “Trans Genocide”

As I’m sure you’re aware, the TERFs are trying to GENOCIDE us!!! We’re basically in stage 1-5 of the GENOCIDE already!!! Here are the stages of the TRANS GENOCIDE. WE MUST STOP IT NOW BEFORE WE ARE ALL ERASED!!!

Content Warning: SATIRE SATIRE SATIRE AND MORE SATIRE. There is no such thing as trans genocide.

1. They said “Transwomen are Men” ;_;

This is the start of the genocide. They’re so mean!!! HATE SPEECH!!!

2. They said “Men Can’t Be Lesbians” ;_;

I just can’t believe they would gate-keep words like this!!! It’s like we’re being hunted down on the STREETS!!!

3. They said “Stop Amputating Body Parts of Healthy Children” ;_;

Don’t they know we’re saving kids lives? We’re saving them from their abuser parents who want to keep their bodies intact!!! THEIR PARENTS DON’T LOVE THEM LIKE WE DO!!!

4. They said “LGB without the T” ;_;

How are we going to get people to care about our cause now that we can’t piggyback off of an established marginalised group?! We’re being ERASED I tell you!!!


BIGOTRY IN FULL SWING. FAE WON’T STAND FOR THIS. Don’t they know that not calling us whatever fictional pronoun we invent on a whim is HATE SPEECH and they should be in PRISON for a HUNDRED YEARS?????

6. They Banned Drag Queens from Gr**ming Kids ;_;

The men just want to wear dresses and make-up and read books to little children! There’s nothing at all weird or suspicious about that!! THEY WANT US ALL DEAD.

7. LGB Took Their Pride Month Back ;_;

Now we can’t shout over gay people anymore! How dare they! By not letting us colonise and dominate any event of our choosing, they are EXCLUSIONARY, TRANSPHOBIC BIGOTS. EVERYTHING should be about US!!! ALWAYS!!!

8. They Banned Us From Permanently Mutilating Children ;_;

It’s GeNdEr AfFiRmInG cArE! It’s vital to cut the body parts off of healthy children! We’re basically almost extinct now!!

9. They Stopped Funding Our Free Cosmetic Operations ;_;

Gender affirming care is HEALTHCARE!!! It’s a human RIGHT to be able to AMPUTATE ANY BODY PART WE WANT for FREE!! MY BODY MY CHOICE!!! TERFS!!!!!

10. Women Won Back Single-Sex Spaces ;_;

We can no longer access women’s toilets, prisons and sports. The erasure is complete. We basically don’t exist now.

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