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The Story of the Arrested Trans-Identified ‘Pup’

Disclaimer: I’d like to state that I won’t be posting the names or X handles of anyone involved in this story at the moment, because since the investigation is ongoing, I don’t want to put myself or anyone involved at risk of accusations of defamation. I’d like to state also that whilst I do believe this information to be accurate, it does come from a third party in the situation, so I cannot vouch for its full accuracy.

On the 2nd November, I received a direct message on X from a trans-identified man who I had seemingly upset a bit with one of my posts. The message simply stated “Why do you hate us so much? What the hell is wrong with you!?!” I don’t know what I’d done in particular to piss this person off, so I went to his profile to check it out. The bio was worse than average, but still not surprising (‘just a kinky trans pup looking for friends and fun’) but it was the pinned tweet that caught me off guard. It was a video of the man in the doggy style position, in a public place, penetrating himself with a dildo. I simply took a screenshot of his message and his pinned tweet, censoring it appropriately, before posting it to X to point out the irony that someone who would do that would ask what was wrong with me.

The post blew up a bit, and I got some angry messages from him, stating that he’d been getting ‘harassed and threatened’ because of me. Not long later, however, I received a message from a woman stating that the man lived in her area. She had found reason to report him to the police. I responded, asked her to keep me updated, and then pretty much forgot about it – until today, when I received another message from him.

“Thanks to you, that **** bitch, and fucking ************. I spent the past week in fucking jail! Hope you’re happy ruining my life!!! All of you are special kinds of hateful trash!!!”

I immediately messaged the lady who had reported him to the police and asked what was going on. I found out that the man had posted videos of himself on xhamster, where he was engaged in other acts of public indecency, including exposing himself on school grounds at night, masturbating and ejaculating onto the actual school building. He was then allegedly arrested and charged with indecent exposure and committing sexual acts in the vicinity of minors. Police allegedly searched his car and found a pair of soiled underwear that did not appear to belong to an adult. They confiscated his computer, and after a week, he was released on bail, under house arrest.

This evening, I’ve had a further update that he is allegedly having other charges added to his list, including committing a lewd act on school property, vandalism of city property and – the big one – possession of ch*ld p*rn*gr*phy. The underwear found in his car were apparently bought online from a seller claiming that they were from a teenage girl. This all goes a long way towards explaining why he seemed so panicked and adamant that I/we had ‘ruined his life’. The fact that he is trying to blame everyone except himself for his current situation doesn’t at all surprise me…

That’s all I know at the moment. I’m hoping I will hear more updates with time, and once the guy is hopefully convicted, myself and the other parties involved will be able to be more forthcoming with details.

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