10 thoughts on “Why Transwomen Should Be Banned From Women’s Bathrooms: A Comprehensive Analysis

  1. Ah but have you considered the popular thought-terminating cliche: “Trans women are women!” Shouted at high volume through a megaphone, or repeated ad infinitum?

  2. No amount of surgery &/or hormone treatment can change every cell in a person’s body. You cannot change your sex.
    Any healthcare professional believes otherwise is an activist and should not be consulted about any medical issue.
    If you are willing to lie about something basic like a person’s sex, I will assume that you will lie about everything else so you are not to be trusted on anything.

  3. This is here bloggy thing is wrotened by someone with high levels of intellectualistics.
    But it be wrotened in such a way that even I could undermerstand it. Well done to the awtherer.

  4. This article sums up everything you need to know when it comes to transwomen. It is the beginning & the end. It is the truth that we desperately need to hear & tell. Thank you Hazel!

  5. This is the truth, trans women can keep saying their women all they want, but they are men and always are gonna be, you cant change sex or gender.

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