I TERF because…

These are the uncensored voices of people who are critical of gender ideology.

“I TERF because, as a vulnerable 17-year-old autistic girl, I was drawn into gender ideology. I wanted nothing more than to take testosterone and have surgery to remove all of my female parts. I desisted, and I’m now a mother – something I came close to never being able to experience. I find myself lucky that I escaped the gender cult unscathed. Others are not so lucky. I TERF because I want to protect young, vulnerable autistic kids from falling prey to gender ideology. No child is born in the wrong body.”

“I TERF because I’ve been flashed, harassed, raped, stalked & abused. I TERF because my daughter & son are falling prey to gender ideology. I TERF because I’m sick of men trying to erase females.”

“I TERF for women’s same sex spaces. For the young women who have worked so hard in sports, for the DV survivors who need same-sex only care, for hospitalized women, for women in all female facilities. For my foremothers who fought so hard to get our single-sex spaces.”
– Anonymous

“I TERF because I raised a gender non-conforming son who is now a healthy gay man. I TERF because I have 2 daughters. I TERF because I love being a woman and a mother and those words only belong to us.”

“I TERF because I am not a menstruator, person with a uterus or, for that matter, a bonus hole haver.”

“I TERF because I’m a woman who knows what a woman is, what men are capable of, I hate bullies, I hate liars & being told I have to lie to be ‘kind’. Because I care about vulnerable women and believe no one has the ‘right’ to violate others boundaries. I also hate the homophobia.”

“I TERF because my wife tells me to.”

“I TERF because I value truth and honesty, because women have a right to their rights of privacy, dignity, safety, and respect, because men don’t belong in women’s spaces, and because I don’t obey men just because they tell me to. I TERF because it’s the right thing to do.”