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Trans Women Are Women? The Kind Lie That Came Back To Bite Us


How did we get to the point where people genuinely seem to believe this delusion? I believe it is the result of a misguided kindness that has come back to bite women in the backside.

When I was a confused, mentally ill, 17-year-old girl, I identified as #trans. However, even amongst my fog and depression, I was never delusional enough to think that I would ever be a ‘real’ man. I knew I would always be a woman who had disfigured herself in the hopes of getting as close to male-presenting as I possibly could.

So when I first heard the phrase “Trans Women Are Woman”, I saw it as a kindness. Somewhat like when a child runs around on all fours pretending to be a cat, and we pat them on the head and say, “Of course you’re a real cat, darling.” The way I saw it, we were saying something we actually knew not to be true, but we understood that it was the kind thing to do to reassure someone who was struggling mentally. We were trying to help. Trying to reassure. Trying to be kind.

How have we been repaid? Trans delusion has grown out of control. We’ve gotten to a point where they seem to actually believe something that we stated only out of kindness. We gave them an inch and they have taken a mile.

Stealing hard-earned medals from women in sports, whom they have an unfair biological advantage over (because they’re men).

Convincing themselves that lesbians should be forced to date them, or else they are bigots (when lesbians aren’t attracted to them – because they’re men).

Forcing their way into women’s spaces, like bathrooms, women’s shelters and women’s prisons, where they have been known to assault/take photos of women and girls, and take photos of themselves with their dicks out (because they’re men).

Uttering the kind lie of “Trans Woman Are Women” has done nothing but cause damage to actual women, and allow these men to think they can take far too many liberties, because we furthered their delusion that they are real women.

No more. We must put a stop to it, before it gets even more out of hand.

No men in women’s sports.
No, men are not lesbians.
No men in women’s bathrooms.
No men in women’s changing rooms.
No men in women’s shelters.
No men in women’s prisons.

“Transwomen” are, and always will be, men. We need to stop furthering their delusion if we want to stop putting ourselves in greater and greater danger.

Transwomen are men.

Stay out of women’s spaces.

#TransWomenAreConMen #sexmatters #letwomenspeak #WomensRightsMatter #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

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One thought on “Trans Women Are Women? The Kind Lie That Came Back To Bite Us

  1. You asked a question of women on Twitter concerning internalized misogyny.
    I went ahead and posted my response, however, i quickly removed it. For I am a male! Here I go, a man, absentmindedly intruding into a woman’s space.
    Anyway, I thought I might answer that question from my own point of view as a man and a licensed psychotherapist.

    As a therapist I see internalized misogyny / homophobia as a pre- conscious experience that a female in our culture can experience. Why else would a natal female latch on to an ideology that punishes women who seek their own space. Like women and girls bathrooms , womens sport teams, natal females who are gay that are punished for not wanting to date men in women face, other formally women’s spaces etc.
    So called gender ideology and it’s tenants hates on women. Why would some women choose to align them selves and even attempt to become ( thru supplemental hormones and mastectomy) more man like? It’s like our often hurtful patriarchal world is saying hey ladies if you can’t beat us you can join us !
    Gender ideology offers a woman a specious and painful way to become like the guys who are competent, self assured and strong. Of course this manliness is fantasy. Which brings us to why some men who internally reject these impossible qualities want to become women.
    I ramble.
    Take Care

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